My very first video game, dedicated to my sister.

In Seven Years Ago you play as Prospero.

Meet his friends - Eric and Amara.

Go on an adventure and rescue a friend from danger !

Controll the player with WASD or the arrow keys.

Press E to interact, you can use your mouse to navigate the dialogue.

After 9 intense days in the GodotWildJam#32. I can finally rest.

I learned how to use a great engine, did my own art,  music and writing (in english, which is not my first language :D !).

But there is so much more that could be done...

Feedback is highly appreciated. Maybe one day I can turn this into a real game.

Here is my twitter:

I sometimes post pixelart there.

Dialogue was created with the Dialogic Plugin (MIT License), check it out, it's awesome:

Music made with Bosca Ceoil and FL-Studio.

Pixelart made with Aseprite.

Tool I used to create my own pixel-font:

All sounds used are available under the Creative Commons 0 License.



Bike bell:



Emotional Piano:


White Noise:



Copyright (c) 2021 Bufoh, all rights reserved


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I don't usually this kind of games but this short lovely story really got me. It has personality and amazing character design! Congrats :)